As reported by @ASlavitt on Twitter.

  • Takes away access to care for 24 million people. At last count. One million more people lose coverage than if ACA was repealed and had no replacement.
  • 7 million employed Americans, 1.2 million Vets included in those who would lose coverage. Many employerswill be able to avoid providing lifetime cap protection.
  • Premiums jump 15–20%, $2400 average. Up to $13,000 increase if older than 50, and up to $10,000 more if rural.
  • Deductibles would rise by 60%.
  • Medicaid cut by 25%, then capped. Seniors, babies, children, low-income, people with disabilities, addiction treatment hurt. 3.6 mm kids lose coverage.
  • Medicare Trust Fund loses 4 years, put into crisis.
  • Insurance companies permitted to underwrite and charge sick people more if state requests- like $5000 more for autism, $17,000 for pregnancy, $140,000 to get late stage cancer treatment. Sick people who can afford this may be placed into high risk pools.
  • Projected premiums in high risk pool? Only $25,700.
  • This eliminates pre-existing condition protections which could impact 100 million+.
  • Government wouldn’t be able to require essential benefits to be covered. Need to read fine print again.
  • Lifetime caps & limits would be allowed if state requests.
  • Because they intend to allow selling across state lines, all these waived rules would apply anywhere.
  • Creates a major tax cut for wealthy and certain industries. $1.2 trillion pulled from health care to pay for massive tax cuts for pharma cos, insurers, insurer CEOs, tanning salons & medical device cos. And a $55,000 gift per millionaire.
  • On the other hand, Americans don’t agree. Only 17% supported the version before underwriting, benefit hollowing, and protections were removed.
  • Doctors, nurses, hospitals, seniors, patient groups- not one of them agrees.
  • In the average Congressional district, 55k would lose coverage & 30ok could lose pre-ex protections.
  • The strategy to pass this is to rush. There have been no public hearings, no updated CBO score, suspension of rules, no debate, secret drafting, all closed door sessions. For a bill that would have generational impact.
  • If you want to be exempted from Trumpcare, best bet is to run for Congress. They’ve exempted themselves.

Designer in Portland, Oregon. Wife Kandace, daughters Zoë and Greta. Partner at Needmore Designs, and eternal optimist.

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