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  • Drew McCormack

    Drew McCormack

    Master of none. @drewmccormack

  • Jenn Louis

    Jenn Louis

  • Pete Entropy

    Pete Entropy

    A storyteller in search of adventure, truth and expression. Follow my tales of love and strife.

  • Sketch Repo

    Sketch Repo

    Sketch Repo is a great place to discover free Sketch resources for your next design project. https://sketchrepo.com

  • Erkan Kerti

    Erkan Kerti

    Designing experiences @Atlassian

  • Adam Temper

    Adam Temper

    AdamTemper.com. Sci-fi, science & technology writer. Ghost writer.

  • Jean-Louis Gassée

    Jean-Louis Gassée

  • Lucas Gonze

    Lucas Gonze

    XSPF, Webjay, Yahoo Media Player, MOG

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