Having grown up as a nerd in the 80s, I’ve long had a fascination with computers of the time, which existed in a world before IBM PC led standardization took over. The oddball electronics my father used to bring home between repairs also captivated me. The limitations of these devices were what made them interesting and fun.

Which is why I’ve been fascinated with many modern electronic music devices. What they’re trying to offer is insane, from controlling clip sequences to parameters on exotic synthesizers to full musical composition and file handling.

At some threshold, the devices can make do…

Needmore Designs was founded not long after 37signals launched the first version of Basecamp. This project management service has never aspired to be sexy, but within the confines of project management software, it’s honestly been about as sexy as you could get. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Basecamp “Classic”… sexy, for 2005!

It’s also damned useful. It got us through our first dozen years, from one version to the next, to the point where we kind of took it for granted. Its simplicity stood in stark contrast to Microsoft Project or whatever was popular in the early 2000s. …

As a designer, not a gamer. I find myself more interested in the user interface than the games themselves. Sometimes it’s hard to extract $50 worth of value from these games when I’ve learned everything I want to about how they work after just a few hours.

System font stacks are a relatively new concept in web design, but they’re a good concept, and there are certain cases where we really like to see them.

First of all, let’s define them. A “system font stack” is basically a way of telling the web browser to use the font their operating system is already using. Meaning, if I’m on a current Mac I would see the lovely San Francisco, but if I’m on a current version of Windows I would see Segoe UI, and this would hold true for almost every device.

A good example of this in…

When I was just out of high school, I got a job at Kinko’s. This would have been around 1990. Back then, it was still just slightly cool.

I loved this job because I got to be around Macintosh computers, a luxury I did not enjoy at home. (They were expensive!) This was the heyday of “desktop publishing,” a very exciting topic around 1990. You could mix text and images, the text had characters with actual variable-width type, and you could even draw primitive drawings with the mouse.

About the only limit you had was that, no matter what you…

How Guided by Voices took The Beatles back to school

In many ways, The Beatles (aka The White Album) was the most diverse, the most divisive, and the most enduring of the band’s albums.

Certainly there are more “weak songs” on The Beatles, if only because there are so many songs. Being their only double album, the math isn’t helping. Still, I find the album to be their most awkward, and perhaps their most lazy. It’s certainly a period in which they were known to be on their worst behavior in the studio.

When I listen to Alien Lanes, my thought is that it does sound a lot like the…

Hüsker Dü, the band, Grand Hart center

Grant Hart is gone. The most underrated member of the most underrated band to ever come out of my home town in the middlemost part of the midwest, the Twin Cities.

Grant always seemed to live a slightly cursed life. Though Hüsker Dü were successful, he always resented being a drummer, which was kind of thrust upon him on accident. In a way, that almost made it cooler, that he looked like a somewhat unwilling hippie drummer in a famous hardcore band.

His interest in graphic design made the band seem somehow bigger than they were, and many of their…

As reported by @ASlavitt on Twitter.

  • Takes away access to care for 24 million people. At last count. One million more people lose coverage than if ACA was repealed and had no replacement.
  • 7 million employed Americans, 1.2 million Vets included in those who would lose coverage. Many employerswill be able to avoid providing lifetime cap protection.
  • Premiums jump 15–20%, $2400 average. Up to $13,000 increase if older than 50, and up to $10,000 more if rural.
  • Deductibles would rise by 60%.
  • Medicaid cut by 25%, then capped. Seniors, babies, children, low-income, people with disabilities, addiction treatment hurt. 3.6 …

For years, every pundit and blogger who cares about gaming has weighed in on Nintendo’s mobile strategy. Since the debut of Apple’s App Store, and with every passing year, it seems crazier and crazier that Nintendo isn’t porting their mobile games to the platform.

I was one of them! Who wouldn’t want to be able to play these games on their iPhone? The games are already written and the iPhone hardware is extremely capable, so even a crappy layer interpreting the code of the old games on the device should be sufficient. …

By implementing a few critical tips, one can create a solid, flexible custom content management setup for their WordPress website using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF).

Why ACF? The plain old content editor in WordPress is suprisingly limiting. And, full-blown content builders have a host of issues of their own.

This is a balanced middle ground that can be added bit-by-bit to existing sites or utilized on new builds to create flexible, well-designed, drag-and-drop layouts.

1. Begin by creating a page for the blocks

This all starts with a blank page. Create a generic page template in WordPress or choose an existing website page to act as your canvas.


Raymond Brigleb

Designer in Portland, Oregon. Wife Kandace, daughters Zoë and Greta. Partner at Needmore Designs, and eternal optimist.

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